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Injector / Port Lines

How many of you have ever had one of your rubber injector port lines either come apart and plug a nozzle, kink and lean a cylinder, or have a little flash fire from the burst panels make them need replacing? How often do you replace them to prevent the above from happening?

That's why many teams replace these rubber lines yearly, if not more often.

Goodridge Hoses & Fittings, the manufacturer of choice in F1, Indy Car, Nascar and now NHRA, has a MUCH better solution. Our 600 series injector line kits far exceed than the conventional rubber injector lines.

1. Teflon inner hose liner. Our 600 series AN3/AN4 hose is the same hose we use to make brake lines. The teflon inner liner significantly reduces the risk of having the inside of your hose come apart. It allows for a tighter bending radius and greatly reduces the risk of pinching/kinking. Since this line is approved for brake lines, expansion under pressure is almost non-existent.

2. Less prone to fire damage - With a durable outer cover, our 600 series hose offers far better protection for your fuel lines. In the event of fire, you definitely don't want to give the flames any help by burning through your rubber lines to more fuel. Not to mention they're junk, and one more thing to replace in the ensuing thrash.

3. They look cooler! - Not only do they work better, they just look cooler! Available with your choice of black or blue anodized crimped fittings. While our high gloss black outer cover is the most popular for that clean look, we do offer a wide range of colors from carbon, clear, clear w/print, green, red, yellow, orange and electric blue.

4. Our lines have been flow bench tested to flow the same as conventional rubber injector lines.

Straight to 90 injector line (up to 36") $55 ea
Straight to Straight (up to 36") $30 ea

Don't stop with injector lines, Goodridge has a solution for all of your hose and fitting needs. It's kind of like the Bionic man, lighter, faster, stronger than the rest . There's a reason why Goodridge is the hose of choice in F1 & Nascar.

If you're in need of some hose, I've got ya covered.