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Black Friday/Cyber Week Sale

$10 off all injector lines! (each line)
40% off all 711 Series G-Flex Hose
Give your race car some new hoses for Christmas! Our Goodridge Injector line kits are built to last and are a big upgrade over the conventional rubber lines. With a teflon inner hose, no more worrying about the hose coming apart and plugging a nozzle. You could tie a knot in this hose and not kink it! Carbon look outer braid and stainless fittings give your engine the ultimate look!
Our 711 Series G-Flex hose is the ultimate in lightweight hose and fittings. Fully convoluted teflon inner hose allows for maximum flexibility without kinking.
All DragRaceHose lines are custom made to order in-house. We specialize in doing complete racecar plumbing.
SALE ENDS Friday Dec. 4 at 5 p.m. CST!